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Four People Got Full Scores in 2021 First CSP Certification Exam

The 22nd CCF CSP Certification Exam was held in 85 sites all over the country on 11 April, 2021, and total 8851 people from 300 sectors participated in the exam.

CCF-Huawei HPC Innovation Fund Officially Released

On March 30, 2021, CCF released 2021 CCF-Huawei Excellent Youth Innovation Fund on HPC in Beijing.

CCF Signed Cooperation Agreement with China Machine Press

On February 28, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation agreement between CCF and China Machine Press was held in Beijing. The two parties will work together in academic, education, communication, conference, training and digital business in computer science and technology and related fields.

CCF CEO Inauguration Ceremony Held in Beijing

On February 28, 2021, CCF swearing-in ceremony for new CEO held in Beijing. Mr. Du Zide, former CEO, stepped down, and Dr. Tang Weiqing took over as new CEO.